I’ve Joined Envato

I’ve joined Envato as a ThemeForest Theme Reviewer

This is a new chapter in my life one that further more fulfills my passion for WordPress. To say I am excited about it  would be an understatement.

Over the years I tried my best to make an impact in our community, changed some things around and for better I hope, but if it wasn’t for the great people all over the world that I got a chance to work with none of this would even exist.

Here are the things that helped me be where I am today

In 2010 I started reviewing themes for WordPress.org and become one of the admins and later on a senior reviewer.

Years ago I created one of the most downloaded theme called Responsive. My site, theme and service was acquired after 11 short months.

In February of 2015 I founded community’s first Theme Review service and partnered with Justin Tadlock.

Last month I stepped down as partner and my position was acquired by friend of mine Sakin Shrestha.

(Header image: The front of the Envato office in Melbourne)


  1. Seriously…you are well deserving of this and a major advancement and change in your professional career and accolades. So congratulations Emil.

    Hopefully when I begin submitting my themes soon to TF, you will be the one reviewing them as I trust your review more….and yes, I have joined as a theme author at TF under ShapedPixels yesterday. I am going in with 100% GPL themes, so watch for these being submitted 🙂


  2. This is great news, it’s about time to prevent more themes not following the WordPress way. And a free review for my framework if I got the chance to be reviewed by you 🙂


  3. I am seriously impressed with your decision to take on this challenge. Envato is a really tough gig IMHO.

    I am keen to see the difference you can bring to their approach to WordPress Themes and also their reputation amongst the WordPress Community.


  4. Thank you Emil for your review of my wordpress theme – WeDate (on Envato). It was very kind of you that you didn’t reject it. You gave me a very important chance in my life. Thank you!


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