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Getting Started With Your WordPress Theme

I’ve seen my fair share of WPORG Themes and had a very successful Theme called “Responsive“, well Theme still remains successful. The following is my personal experience and opinion, if this worked for me, I am sure that it will for you too.


  • Release a Theme if you’re not going to support it.
  • Theme for yourself, Theme for the people.
  • Overcomplicate, less is more.
  • Expect to be the next StudioPress or WooThemes overnight, however at the same time feel free to aim that high and let that be your ultimate goal.


  • Think outside the box and be unique.
  • Start with a proven frameworks such as Bootstrap or ZURB Foundation.
  • Compete with other Theme authors and try to be one step ahead.

If you’re a designer only and want to combine great stuff into your Theme, begin with the starter Theme like Underscores and integrate one of the frameworks mentioned above. This great combination will have the best of both worlds and not to mention faster approval to WPORG.

Do your work with your whole heart, and you will succeed – there’s so little competition.
Elbert Hubbard


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