A Guide to WordPress Themes

Quick guide on what to look for when choosing Themes

I have seen my fair share of Themes and even more of them  since I’ve joined the WordPress Theme Review Team. Choosing a Theme should not be difficult and here are some basics.

Let’s break this in only 2 sections:

  1. Support
  2. Easy to Use and Customize

Theme Support

Theme support is usually divided into several different parts:

  • Forum
  • FAQ
  • Documentation

Helpful and active support forum will definitely be more than enough. The advantage of all three is a big plus.

Theme Experience

No Theme, unless one was custom-made will exactly match needs of the user, but even if it doesn’t it should not be overly-complicated or hard to manage. At the same time common sense comes-in handy.

Customization is almost always mistreated and never fully understood by users. Easy to Customize usually means easily managed via Theme Customizer or Theme Options for some Themes and with the Child Theme in case that Theme does not bundle built-in customizations.


Strive for simplicity, looks can be pretty deceiving. There’s no such thing as the perfect Theme, but it can be customized to match your needs. Read* the overall reviews, number of downloads can help and also check how often the updates are made.

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